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Clinic Booking

Book your kindergarten, preschool, or school a private clinic with the Teddy Doctors and Dentists. At the Teddy Bear Hospital they will learn about healthy eating and living, and learn lots of new things.

Email if you would like to get involved and we will send you all the details.

Dont worry if we cant squeeze you in. There is always Community Day which is open to all!

Community Day

Community Day for 2019 will be held on 26th May in the Hunter Centre on Great King St. Our Doctors and Dentists will both be there, holding free consultations whether it is having a look at teddies’ cuts and scrapes, or to give them a good checkup.

All ages are welcome to get involved- but kids aged 3-7 tend to have the most fun. Its are really exciting day that the kids will be talking about for weeks after.

Bookings are open now at:

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Donate / Sponsor Us

We are strong beleivers that all kids should be able to live a healthy, safe and happy life. While part of this is based in New Zealand, we cant forget the millions of kids throughout the world living in poverty.

This year we will incorportating an awareness and fundraising aspect into the Teddy Bear Hospital for those that dont have the same healthcare opportunities as our children. Watch this space!

If you would like to help sponsor Teddy Bear Hospital send us an email.